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Feel Like Moving-In

At the intersection of comfort and convenience lies Sunrise Lofts, where you can take full advantage of numerous amenities and services that are guaranteed to make your stay with us a memorable one. Featuring impeccable accommodations and an attentive staff, we guarantee you’ll have a pleasant experience here. Explore our site to see what we have to offer, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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Eligibility and Applicant Priority

Units Available

- 85 efficiency units – 1 tenant per unit
- 4 two-bedroom units – exclusively for families.

(NOT ROOMATES) with a minimum of 1 parent that meets eligibility requirement 1 and 2. All parents must meet eligibility requirements 3 and 4.

Resident Eligibility Requirements

1. Income qualified.
2. Verified in the Foster Care system at some point.
3. Age 18-22 when the lease is signed (applications encouraged from those about to turn 18).
4. No felony-related or deferred adjudication convictions that have occurred within the 10 years prior to the application date relating to: crimes against a person or property, drug use, prostitution, and criminal offenses related to weapons or cruelty to animals. Murder, arson, sexual-related offenses, distribution or sale of a controlled substance, aggravated assault or battery, offenses where a deadly weapon is used, compelling prostitution, kidnapping,and terrorism-related offenses will be declined regardless of time.


Income-qualified residents pay 30% of their income, with balance covered by a project-based housing choice voucher for up to 3 years.

Resident Services

Residents will work with on-site navigators to prepare and pursue a personal plan for success and access credentials, benefits, training, and workforce placement for a successful transition into the skilled workforce and independent adulthood.

Priority Resident Profiles

Sunrise Lofts serves young adults that have aged out of the foster care system and who aspire to enter the skilled workforce and independent adulthood within 3 years.

Eligible clients, in priority order, include those:

1. Preparing to age out of foster care and planning to pursue college or workforce training.
2. Attending college or workforce training with no viable housing options.
3. Preparing to age out of extended foster care and planning to, or currently pursuing, college or workforce training.
4. Recently aged out of foster care (21 and under) in need of stable housing to pursue education, training, or enter the workforce.
5. Seeking growth for independent adulthood through the services available on-site, who meet eligibility requirements and need stable housing.

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